Since 1991, Madhavi Parikh’s extraordinary dedication and energetic personality, both in and out of the pharmacy, have earned her a reputation of excellence and reliability. Coming to the United States of America with a dream to make a difference, Madhavi took a job with Rite Aid Pharmacy and within 2 years was promoted to Pharmacy Manager, a position which she held for another 19 years and a testament to the merit and quality of her work. With numerous awards for “Superior Customer Service” throughout the years and a “Favorite Pharmacist Award” in 2011, Madhavi demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to her patients that is rarely seen and highly valued. Placing the utmost importance on every patient, Madhavi values most is personalized patient-pharmacist interaction which allows her to ensure, not simply that the patient has the correct medication, but that each and every patient is well-cared for and their therapeutic needs met and surpassed. Having gained a wide range of expertise and experience in the areas of immunization, drug compliance, disease state management, medication therapy management and patient care, Madhavi realized that in order to truly build a unique relationship with every patient the next step would be to open a pharmacy of her own. King’s Pharmacy in Upland, CA is a place where today, Madhavi is finally making her dream a reality.

 Having graduated in 1989, with B. Pharm degree from M.S.University, India, Krutika Shah came to the United States with a goal to make a difference in the pharmaceutical world. She became licensed with the California Board of Pharmacy in 1992 and has practiced at CVS/Pharmacy at a pharmacy managerial level since then. Her years of experience have led her to become well adept in patient care, drug compliance, disease state management, immunization,  and long-term care. Not only is she committed to health care and well knowledgeable of the numerous skills the profession entails, but also she is caring towards her patients and their well being. She is a determined woman who believes pharmacy is more than just handing a patient their medication. Contrary, she strongly believes that patient-pharmacist interaction and communication is the ultimate key to meeting a patient’s therapeutic needs. Seeking to be in a workplace that allowed her a more one on one interaction with her patients, she sought to open a pharmacy of her own and today is a proud owner of King’s pharmacy in Upland, CA. It is her compassion and eagerness to better patient health care that has allowed her to become the successful pharmacist she is today